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Laser Ace 1000 Range Finder

Laser Ace 1000 Range Finder

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Ergonomically designed Laser AC 1000 Range Finder has simplified remote measurement work even at the most unsafe location. Equipped with Bluetooth, this measurement equipment is ideal to improve productivity of GNSS based data collection technique. Featured with user friendly design, this product can efficiently measure slope level and height of specific location from a certain distance. It consists of necessary components like digital compass, graphic display system with LCD facility, laser distance meter and digital inclinometer. The QuickPoint data collection mode of this system ensures precision in work and high productivity. We are a reliable manufacturer and supporter of premium quality mapping and GIS equipments like Laser AC 1000 Range Finder.


  • The provided measurement system is equipped with Hypsometer software for precise measurement of diameter and height of trees
  • It can be used from a specific location to conduct measurement work of a number of targets
  • Equipped with Bluetooth based wireless data transferring facility